Oak Knoll Athletics Update

Ava Gordon ’20

I am sure you have heard it a thousand times, but right now we truly are living amidst a type of craziness that is incomparable. It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it feels as if we are constantly planning and awaiting for this to all be over. However, despite these current difficulties, people have been continuing to work around these obstacles to try and keep a sense of normalcy, namely, OKS athletics! Oak Knoll sports may have hit a major bump in the road for their spring seasons, but the athletes are still taking the time to better their fitness while trying to keep the team spirit alive!

I spoke with student-favorite athletic trainer, Dr. Melissa Maskery, about what some of the OKS teams have been achieving throughout quarantine. For starters, the lacrosse team has been split into groups that are competing for spirit points, with daily workouts sent out by their coach, and even a “Step Showdown” with the Summit girls lacrosse team on Mother’s Day weekend. These reigning TOC champions have definitely done an amazing job at keeping their competitive and enthusiastic team spirit alive! Next up we have the golf team, which has been receiving skills and practice videos by their two coaches on their designated myOKS page. Now that golf courses have been opened, it will make it much more accessible for our golfers to keep up their hard work!

As for softball, the girls have done a great job at keeping in touch and ensuring the team spirit stays strong. Between Zoom calls, motivational questions and comments for the team to ponder, and other team efforts, the softball team has continued to keep each other close! Next, the track team has impressed us with taking part in virtual track meets! The girls are assigned different events and are required to complete that event at a certain time to then send in their times/scores. Along with these couple meets, they have also done a great job at completing daily workouts and having each member of the team improve their skills! Lastly, we have the sailing team! Although it has been difficult for our sailors to get on the water and practice in their free time, the girls are looking forward to hopefully being able to compete in the upcoming fall season!

Oak Knoll sports have done an amazing job at keeping their teams active and lively throughout a time where it may seem impossible. Along with the help of all the coaches and athletic directors/staff, we give a big round of applause to our hard working athletes! They are making the most of the current circumstances and keeping their enthusiasm for their team and one another paramount to their success!