Baked Goods for Healthcare Heroes

Jodie De Jesus ’21

During these hard times, healthcare and essential workers worldwide have stepped up to keep society running. While many are able to stay quarantined at home, these individuals have made the sacrifice to continue working, possibly risking their health in the process. So in order to bring a little joy to their lives, the Oak Knoll Baking Club initiated a project to help benefit the frontline workers at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ. (Fun Fact: the story was even featured later on the News 12 NJ live segment “Jersey Proud” on May 18th!)

Over 20 students and faculty, from both the Upper and Lower Schools, volunteered to bake some tasty treats for the healthcare heroes. The grand total was over 250 baked goods! After being safely collected by the Baking Club co-presidents on the weekend of May 2nd-3rd, while they maintained social distancing practices of course, these goods were assembled into trays and bags to be distributed to each floor of the hospital. In addition, thank you notes were added to each package, as well as fun drawings and ribbons.

On May 5th, coincidentally #GivingTuesday, Mattie De Jesus, an OKS parent and registered nurse in the respiratory department at Overlook, delivered the donations on behalf of the Baking Club and the Oak Knoll community. She reported that the reactions were “outstanding and remarkable,” and that the workers were “so grateful and comforted knowing that people were thinking of them during these difficult times.” Some of their favorite baked goods they received were the coconut cookies, brownies, pumpkin bread, and cake pops!

So after being such a hit the first time around, the OKS Baking Club is excited to start thinking about organizing a second collection. As co-president Nora Quinn so eloquently stated, “Their fight during this pandemic is not over yet, so we will continue supporting them as long as it takes.”