Lent and Ash Wednesday- Grace Bienstock ’26

“Faith, wisdom, and service.” The three key pillars of an Oak Knoll education are represented through the season of Lent as we recognize our belief in God and Christ, reflect on our actions and connection to our faith, and aim to serve others throughout the season of the Church that is a preparation for Easter. Lent lasts forty days and ends on Holy Thursday when we enter Easter and honor the resurrection of Jesus. The Lenten season began this year on Wednesday, February 14th, when people all around the world receive ashes that symbolize repentance

Oak Knoll marks the beginning of the season of Lent with an Ash Wednesday Mass. A priest is invited to lead the mass, and students and faculty receive ashes as they exit mass. Lent ends with the beginning of Easter, and although Easter is occurring during Spring Break, the Oak Knoll community will attend a mass on April 3rd to celebrate the important time in the Church. Before we enter the season of Easter, however, we as a community honor Lent in many different ways. Theology classes learn about the meaning of the season and students are invited to consider ways they can observe Lent; whether that be sacrificing something during the season, almsgiving, or fasting. Additionally, there is no meat served in the dining hall on Fridays during Lent as a form of penance.

As an Oak Knoll student, Lent is an important time to reflect on your Catholic faith and education and consider how you can celebrate your faith in different ways throughout the 40 days of Lent. The season of Lent looks different for everybody, as every individual has a unique relationship with their faith. Whether Lent involves prayer, sacrifice, or fasting depends on the person, but overall, Lent is a time for the Christian community to unite in their commemoration of faith and the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. Every year, Oak Knoll honors this time and strives to encourage students to celebrate Lent in their own, distinctive ways.