History of LipSync- Catherine Luzzi ’26

The action of LipSyncing is defined as “matching a speaking or singing person’s lip movements with sung or spoken vocals”. An occurrence such as a lipsyncing competition is a popular social event. Numerous shows such as “LipSync Battles” started in 2015 and others on television networks air competitions. However, at Oak Knoll, it could be argued that ours is even more serious. 

The exact year of the first LipSync hosted by the school can not be pinpointed at the moment. However, Ms. Ticona reflected upon her first year at Oak Knoll in 2000, when the student council hosted a LipSync competition. The now key Spirit Week activity was not seen again until 4 years later. At that time Ms. Ticona became the Social Council Moderator, and now the tradition has been going strong for two decades. 

Historically won by the senior class, students take competition very seriously. Though there is not officially any price given to the top-scoring grades, the idea of knowing the dance superiority above other classes is the award. In recent years the themes have been a combination of new hot topics and throwbacks to the past. From Justin Bieber this year, to going back decades before him with BoyBands, every dance is different and brings something new for the audience to see. 

LipSync has been, is, and will be a must-have Oak Knoll event for years to come.