Global/National News

  • Iranian Protests – Caitlin Canal ’25
  • Death of Queen Elizabeth – Catherine Luzzi ’26
    Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th, 2022, at the age of 96. She served as the Queen of England for over 70 years. Queen […]
  • Update on Ukraine – Vittoria Maher ’25
    The Russia-Ukraine war began in February of 2022, and is just as prominent now as it was then. Russia began this war by claiming it […]
  • Serena William’s Last US Open- Ciara Loughrey ‘25
    After 27 years of focusing on tennis, the career of an all-time great has come to an end. Serena Williams, who is known as one […]
  • Changes in Vaccine Requirements
    Megan Fehrenbach ’22 In the fall of this year, two major changes were made in the requirements of the COVID-19 in regards to age and […]
  • NJ Gubernatorial Elections
    Iman Ali ’23 Phillip Murphy, a Democrat, ran against Republican candidate Jack Cittarelli in early November 2021 for the position of New Jersey governor. According […]
  • Shop Early This Christmas Season
    Ella Metzler ’22 and Rosie Parlavecchio ’22 If you are one of the many procrastinators that wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping, keep […]
  • Children Authorized for Vaccinations
    Grace Bienstock and Madeleine McKinney ’26 As more and more people get vaccinated, our life starts to get back to normal. Restrictions are lifted and […]
  • Summer ’21 Olympics Bring Worries in Athletes and Civilians
    Megan Fehrenbach ’22 After the postponement in March of 2020 of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, the Olympics are almost here. New activities such […]
  • Pandemic in India
    Aria Alva ’22 At the start of the pandemic, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi issued a lockdown order demanding that all 1.3 billion […]
  • Pandemic Update in NJ for Next Year
    As the end of this school year approaches, the impending question on many students’, teachers’, and parents’ minds alike is what next year will look […]
  • The Summer of ’21
    Catherine Luzzi ’26 Over the last year, the coronavirus has changed the way we go about normal life. In 2020, summer was spent at home, […]
  • 2021 Australian Open
    Emma Burgess ’21 The Australian Open is undoubtedly one of the most exciting tennis events of the year, and the 2021 tournament was no exception. […]
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Update
    Madeleine McKinney ’26 For quite some time now, we have been hoping endlessly for a widespread vaccine to end these days of coronavirus. Toward the […]
  • Myanmar: A Distressing Return to a Military State
    Gabby Molina ’21 In the early morning of February 1, 2021, news broke that control of the state had been transferred to commander-in-chief Min Aung […]
  • Super Bowl LV
    Megan McCann ’23 The Super Bowl LV definitely looked different this year without the usual 80,000 people watching from the stands; however, the game still […]
  • Capitol Riots
    Megan McCann ’23 On January 6, 2021, rioters stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C. That same day, the certification of votes confirming Joe Biden […]
  • The “Untucked” Story Behind The Social Media Craze over GameStop
    Rosie Parlavecchio ’22 The “Gamestop saga” began with a Reddit user, Keith Gill. During the fall, he began posting his Due Diligence (DD) on a […]
    Catherine Luzzi ’26 The coronavirus has changed the way we live. From being in crowded arenas to social distancing in masks, the world is forever […]
  • Harry Styles Makes History
    Isabella Henry ‘21 Harry Styles made history on November 13, 2020, when he was featured as the first male solo cover of Vogue magazine since […]
  • The Legacy of Alex Trebek
    By: Ella Metzler ‘22 Alex Trebek, born George Alexander Trebek, was a Canadian-American who was best known for hosting the game show Jeopardy! from 1984 […]
  • Typhoon Vamco Adds to the Devastation of 2020
    Jodie De Jesus ’21 As if 2020 hasn’t been chaotic enough––what with the global pandemic, racial justice movements, and presidential election––Typhoon Vamco has added to […]
  • 2020 Election
    Gabby Molina ’21 Almost a month after the 2020 Presidential Election was called for President-elect Joe Biden, there are still questions surrounding the transition of […]
  • Accomplishments for Women in the 2020 Election
    Grace Bienstock ’26 This year has certainly been a memorable one. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the election, 2020 has been a year to never […]
  • Hurricane Iota’s Effect on South America
    Riley Carr ‘22 This past November, a powerful hurricane surfaced in South America; more specifically along the coastline of the Colombian island San Andres. This […]
  • Coronavirus Vaccines Provide Hope for The World
    Megan Fehrenbach ’22 As 2020 comes to an end, there seems to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Since the beginning […]
  • The History of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
    Catherine Luzzi ’26 Rockefeller Center started its annual holiday tradition of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in the Great Depression. In 1931, a tree was put […]
  • The Economic Impact of a Pandemic on Christmas
    Ava Pospeck ’22 The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major detriment to the worldwide economy. Christmas, one of the biggest stimulants to the economy, is traditionally […]
  • Wildfires Plague the West Coast
    Katherine Whelan ’21 As of 2019, California led the United States in wildfire counts, and unfortunately, they have continued their record into 2020. Beginning in […]
  • The SAT
    Lauren Pacicco ’22 The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) has been under scrutiny and was subject to  adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic. The SAT is a […]
  • The 2020 Presidential Election
    Elizabeth Eck ’22 The 2020 presidential election is proving to be a contentious one. The country remains divided on issues such as healthcare, the economy, […]
  • Coronavirus Pandemic Update
    Megan McCann ’23 The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our world, devastating both the social and economic situation of the United States and the world […]
  • The Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Megan Fehrenbach ’22 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, famous Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), passed away on September 18, 2020, at 87 […]
  • Using Privilege for Power
    Katherine Whelan ’20 With each coming day, 2020 ceaselessly proves to be a rollercoaster ride upon which no one was prepared to embark. The damaging […]
  • Cabin Fever: Quarantine Fatigue in the Age of COVID-19
    Julia Bartie ’20 Last week, my brother, whose senior year at the University of Pennsylvania was unfortunately curtailed due to COVID-19, made an interesting point: […]
  • Mental Health in Quarantine
    Keeley Gorman ’20 Our nation has been under a sort of quarantine for roughly two months now. Time has moved at a snail’s pace, seeming […]
  • Pursuing the Presidency During a Pandemic
    Julia Bartie ’20 In a year that seemed destined to be dominated by news coverage of the presidential election, the national news landscape has surely […]