COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Madeleine McKinney ’26

For quite some time now, we have been hoping endlessly for a widespread vaccine to end these days of coronavirus. Toward the end of 2020, a new vaccine started to come about, but it was rather hard to obtain. Being available only to healthcare workers and first responders, not many people were able to receive the COVID vaccine. Now, however, more people have access to the vaccine. As of Monday, February 15, 1,003,232  people in New Jersey had received the vaccine. On February 4 alone, over 60,000 received the vaccine. Healthcare workers, first responders, those over 65, and people with medical conditions are currently eligible for the vaccine.

Residents of New Jersey are complaining about a long wait, high demand, and difficulty registering. Currently, a vaccine includes two doses. After the first one, there is some protection against COVID-19, and the second dose causes you to have more protection against the virus. Although, with the life-saving vaccine, there are some side effects. According to the CDC, side effects include pain or swelling on the arm that you received the shot, fever, headache, etc. To cure these effects, drink plenty of fluids and apply a cool washcloth over your pained arm. Though some people believe this, according to the CDC, a COVID-19 vaccine cannot infect you with coronavirus. It is crucial that everyone receives this vaccine because it is one of the most important steps to stop this pandemic.