Iranian Protests – Caitlin Canal ’25


For the last month, Iranian women have engaged in demonstrations that have challenged Iranian authority. It all started with the heartbreaking death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini. Mahsa Amini was arrested by the morality police for violating the Islamic dress code, specifically relating to her hijab. When Mahsa Amini was in custody, she was violently beaten by the police and later passed away in the hospital. The first protests began after her funeral when women took off and burned their hijabs to show their support.
Women are playing a significant role in these protests. They are standing up for their freedoms and fighting against oppression. Iranian women want a say in what goes on their bodies. These women want a choice in whether they wear their hijabs and are battling a society that has stripped power away from them. Although this is not the first time there have been public protests about wearing a hijab, it does not compare to the current large-scale impact of these circumstances.
While women are taking part in their revolution, authorities are not welcoming the protests with open arms. Many Iranian authorities, such as the morality police, are using forms of excessive force to combat what is mostly peaceful protesting. It’s mentioned that authorities are, “altogether killing and injuring hundreds.” The violence performed by police is ultimately fueling the hatred Iranian people have for their corrupt government.
Although the people of Iran are taking on these challenges, there are still things that we Americans can do. Spreading awareness, supporting human rights organizations, and donating to nonprofits are some key ways we can get ourselves involved. We may not be able to impact what is happening directly, but it is necessary to be a voice for those who are trying to be silenced.