Nick Saban’s Retirement- Clara Vales ’25

Nick Saban, a familiar face to College Football, who is widely regarded as one of the most elite coaches in the sport’s history, recently sent shockwaves through news reports as he announced his retirement. Leading an incredible career compiled of time spent in College Football in addition to the National Football League, Saban’s achievements and impact on players, coaches, and football fanatics across the country, have amounted to the indelible mark he and his departure have left on football as a whole. 

Although additionally serving as the head coach of Michigan State University, Louisiana State University, and the Miami Dolphins, Nick Saban is predominantly known for his accomplishments at the University of Alabama. After winning his first National Championship at LSU and dabbling in head-coaching the professionals in the NFL, Saban was introduced as the head coach of the University of Alabama in 2007. Quickly after being hired, Saban and his team had already enjoyed considerable success, winning a national championship in 2009. He had already begun to build the Alabama football empire, unleashing years to come of success and cultivating a sense of fear that would grow among opponents as they saw the Crimson on their schedule. Up until the Saban era, Alabama hadn’t experienced the glory of winning a national championship since 1992, highlighting Saban’s responsibility for Alabama’s dominance not only in the Southeastern Conference but across all of college football. Saban, sculpting his legacy, was in the midst of creating a dynasty at the University of Alabama, one that would go on to win six more national championships under his authority. According to ESPN, after 17 seasons in Tuscaloosa, at 72 years of age, Saban finished with an impressive career record of 201-29, producing 123 NFL draft picks, and four Heisman Trophy winners. 

As Nick Saban bids farewell to the sidelines, his legendary career will remain to inspire excellence in the world of football. Unfortunately, Saban’s remarkable career came to a halt with a devastating loss to the Michigan Wolverines in the Rose Bowl, losing by just one touchdown in overtime with a final score of 20 to 27. Just one step away from reaching the 2024 National Championship, Saban and the Crimson Tide fought relentlessly for sixty minutes and exerted themselves to the limit.