Accepted Students Visit Oak Knoll- Vittoria Maher ’25 and Kiley Reape ’24

For many eighth graders, the time has come to decide their future high school! As decisions rolled in for applicants on December 15, 2023, accepted students were given the opportunity to experience a “Day in the Life” at Oak Knoll. For many, this day would be a deciding factor on whether they will be attending OKS this upcoming school year. From January 10-12, prospective students attended classes and ate lunch with current 9th graders to understand what Oak Knoll is really like! For Vittoria and I, we both had the fortune of seeing our younger sisters walk the halls of OKS for a day. Let’s see how they liked it! 

Our sisters began their day in second period, accompanying a freshman to replicate the classes they will take next year. They were able to sit in on class, take notes, and participate in lessons. After second period, they experienced a student-led tour around Oak Knoll, exploring both the library and cafeteria. When 3rd period rolled around, our sisters both went to physics with Mr. Yuhas. After third period they ate lunch with current 8th graders and even got to try Oak Knoll’s famous caesar salad! Vittoria’s younger sister Frankie remembers “experiencing a real day showed me how flexible and considerate Oak Knoll is regarding their schedule.”