The Midnights Album: A Storybook of Discontent and Apprehension- Zoe Boggier ’23

After a long spring and summer without recent Taylor Swift music, the juggernaut of the industry made a huge announcement. At the 2022 VMAs, “Blondie” told the world that her tenth album, Midnights, was set to release on October 21st, 2022. There’d been a two-year hiatus from brand new songs, so naturally, fans were sent into a spiral. Easter eggs, a segment called “Midnights Mayhem”, and beautiful vinyls are just a few of the special plans for the remainder of October. 

There will be thirteen tracks on Midnights– a fact that comes without surprise considering this is Taylor’s famed lucky number. She has mentioned the word “midnight” exactly thirteen times throughout her discography, further proving Swift’s statement that each album is planned around three years in advance. The titles of all songs were revealed through clips on Taylor’s Instagram Story, a tri-weekly feature called “Midnights Mayhem”. Some fun facts, such as name explanation, were dropped, and she also shared the riveting news that Lana Del Rey will be a co-artist on “Snow on the Beach”. 

The Lover album was originally supposed to be titled Daylight, and it chronicles the joy and inner peace that comes with being in love. Lighter shades of pink and purple, used on the cover and its advertisements, reflect such a mood. Midnight is, of course, the antithesis of Daylight. The tenth album promotions have used deep purples, blues, and even jet black, leading fans to expect a dark and intense vibe. Influences from Reputation and 1989, both more intense and sophisticated records, are also expected. Midnights is likely to blend the lyrical strength and maturity of Swift’s more recent albums with the charisma of her most famous works– in other words, it’s sure to be a hit. 

If, like us, you’ll be sleepless in anticipation of Midnights, stay tuned for the next issue of Untucked, where we’ll cover our favorite picks from TS10!