Interview with New Student Body President- Caitlin Canal

As we approach the school year’s end and look ahead to this upcoming fall, Oak Knoll will be represented by a new set of elected leaders. Winning the vote for student body president, Maxi Aranowitz will be our upcoming representative for the 2023-2024 school year. 

When asked what prompted her to begin her leadership roles at Oak Knoll, Maxi explains that before attending Oak Knoll she was intimidated to run for a student government position. After coming to Oak Knoll, Maxi was inspired by the opportunities that Oak Knoll offered students to exercise their leadership skills, and ultimately decided to run for class president. When Maxi found out that she had won the election, she was filled with excitement as she reflected on all the hard work she put into her previous roles.

As student body president, Maxi is looking forward to the social aspect of her position, especially connecting with younger students. Her favorite part about serving her community is seeing the smiles on her classmates’ faces. She believes that the beauty of leadership is seen through the reactions of the people you serve. She also hopes to get a better sense of what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to planning school events and more. Specifically, some of Maxi’s goals are to introduce new traditions and add items to the uniform. In addition, Maxi wants to implement more activities that will help bridge the gap between the upper and lower classmen as well as keep the spirits of students high. 

Looking to the future, Maxi believes that holding a student government position will certainly put her on the path to pursue politics. Her position helps her to develop skills including public speaking, communication, and problem-solving. Maxi highlights how having a positive impact on her community is something that is rewarding and motivating for her. Speaking of motivation, Maxi mentions how much her mother has inspired her to pursue her leadership positions. Her mother has taught her that no matter what your background is, anyone can be involved. 

We congratulate Maxi and we are excited to see what great things she has in store for next year!