Halloween Must-Watches!

Sophia Kaiser ’22

It is officially Spooky Season and there is nothing better than throwing some pie in the oven and turning on your favorite Halloween classic! Need some recommendations? I have them. Because of COVID-19, production companies have halted filming, so there isn’t anything new out just yet, but that just means next year will be stacked! Even though there aren’t any new movies, it’s always a good idea to rewatch some old favorites! 

Of course, there are the classics: Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and we can’t forget It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. If you have never seen these, you are missing out! Haven’t watched them in forever? Rewatch them! Even if you know the entire movie line-by-line, they will still put you in the Halloween spirit. Remember last year when the big Tik Tok trend was singing along to “Say My Name” from Beetlejuice? Well, why not put on some creepy makeup, your LED lights, and watch the whole thing? 

 For those of us with not-so-great attention spans, pop on an episode from your favorite show! Some of my top choices are “The One with the Halloween Party” from Friends and “Halloween” from The Office. If you are into baking shows like I am, Halloween Baking Championship might be the show for you. By watching that, not only will you enjoy the show, but you will become extremely hungry, urging you to go and bake a pie!

So this Halloween season, grab your comfiest sweats, throw on a blanket, and turn on one of these shows. One additional piece of advice: grab the remote before sitting down so you don’t have to get back up. Enjoy!